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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Using Blogs in DC Lobbying Campaigns

My Dittus colleague John Pappas and myself were referenced in Dee Ann Divis' Washington Examiner piece today about how blogs are being used in lobbying campaigns. John specifically talked about his work on behalf of the Poker Players Alliance:

Lobbyists, who lagged while politicians and advertisers tapped the power of the blogosphere, are now actively incorporating blogs into their strategies and are using smaller state campaigns to test which blogs and techniques work best on lawmakers....

...Another blog-focused campaign, this one on the national issue of online gambling and Internet poker, triggered 8,000 letters to Capitol Hill in a single day, reported John Pappas and Adam Kovacevich, assistant vice presidents with Washington-based Dittus Communications

We said a lot more to Dee Ann, but the other guy, from Strategic Vision stole our thunder. Take my word for it - we said some smart things about the power of blogging in public affairs campaigns.


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