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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Tony Snow "Scared Stiff" on Day One, Now Having a Blast

"The most pleasant surprise about this job has been how much fun it is," WH Press Secretary Tony Snow said this morning at the Breakfast Formerly Known as Sperling.

"I must say, the first day, I was absolutely scared stiff... The biggest challenge is... just trying to make sure that you know enough about the things that are going to be of interest to reporters." FishBowlDC and The Swamp have more Snow highlights, including:
  • "'The press secretary's job is a reporting job,' said Snow, explaining what he sees when he looks out across the press briefing room. 'I don't come out of the political side... What I see is a lot of people trying to get information to write a story.'"

  • "'I suppose if there's an operative philosophy for me, it's Flood the Zone,' says Snow, maintaining he tries to flood reporters with information, not spin. 'If we spin you,'' Snow says, 'we die.''"

  • "Snow...also has a way of deflecting questions about ongoing negotiations...'The status is ongoing,'' Snow said of talks aimed at reaching a compromise[on torture], adding: 'This is like warm milk on the kitchen counter right now... Whatever news I can give you will turn to yogurt by the time you get back to the office.'"


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