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Monday, September 25, 2006

Snow Lighting Press Secretary Fashion World Ablaze

The Wall Street Journal's Saturday edition, taking to heart its mission to provide lighter fare, writes that "five months into the job, [WH Press Secretary Tony Snow] is using his wardrobe to communicate that he's not the stereotypical press secretary."
"Press secretaries have tended to come out of either newspaper reporting or political public relations," says presidential historian Stephen Hess, who teaches at George Washington University. "Neither of those occupations would be noted for classy haberdashery."

Mr. Snow mixes things up, with colors that often seem to reflect the administration's mood. Discussing Syria recently, he wore a serious white shirt and maroon tie. When the president gave an upbeat press conference in the Rose Garden after a surprise visit to Iraq, Mr. Snow wore a cheery pink shirt and light blue tie.


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