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Monday, September 25, 2006

NAM Spokesguy Cleary Pulls Back Curtain on Birnbaum Piece

National Association of Manufacturers blogger and chief spokesguy Pat Cleary offers behind the scenes insight on why Jeff Birnbaum's lobbying piece in the Post today might have left out the quote that Cleary offered. From NAM's
We had a funny feeling where this story might be headed. It kinda morphed from a "what didn't get done" piece to one with a different -- and we'd dare say, more partisan -- bent. Also, to be fair, there's no shortage of quotes in the piece from fellow association execs, all of whom apparently responded to the question as posed.

Seems to us a more informative piece would have been about why things didn't get done. It's not because they ran out of time. It's because so much of the agenda was frustrated by opponents of issues that are critically important to manufacturers.


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