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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Liveblogging "The Hill" Series Finale

Tonight was the series finale of "The Hill," the 6-ep documentary look behind the scenes at Rep. Robert Wexler's Hill staff. Just like last week, I liveblogged tonight's finale:

9:03...Halie earnestly tries to tell Eric how serious it is that John Murtha is calling for withdrawal from Iraq. Eric just wipes crud off of his shoes.

9:06...Eric flips his lid with Wexler over the phone after too many people (including Lale and the nerdy staff assistant guy) ask if the boss wants some lunch. Wexler does indeed want lunch.

9:10...Wexler says the House Dem leadership is worried about publicly exposing Democratic differences over Iraq. Ya don't say?

9:16...Halie upset that Republicans are subverting the House rules in order to force Dems to vote on Murtha's Iraq withdrawal resolution. Apparently she hasn't been paying attention the last twelve years.

9:18...Wexler takes a survey of his staff in order to decide how to vote.

9:20...Wexler takes another survey.

9:23...Another survey. Finally, Wexler is one of only three Members to vote for the withdrawal resolution.

9:27...Halie announces her engagement. Guess I was wrong with my prediction last week that she and her boyfriend wouldn't last.


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