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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lieberman and Lamont Spokeguys Really Don't Like Each Other

Jason Zengerle over at TNR has a fun piece about flacks/bloggers/ex-Hillites/antagonists David Sirota and Dan Gerstein, now on opposite sides of the Connecticut Senate campaign (Sirota for Ned Lamont, Gerstein for Joe Lieberman.) It seems they really don't like each other very much. (Full disclosure: Dan was my boss when I worked for Sen. Lieberman and I consider him a friend.) A few highlights:
  • If they didn't hate each other so much, David Sirota and Dan Gerstein might be friends. They certainly have a lot in common. Both are in their thirties. Both are Jewish. And both are Democratic operatives. But their greatest similarity is their shared love of vicious political combat.
  • "Yes, that's right," Gerstein taunted on a pro-Lieberman blog, "[t]he same guy who is viciously attacking Joe Lieberman as the great Satan of the Democratic Party actually sought not one but two jobs from the target of his hatred. ... The polite term for that would be chutzpah. Some one less charitable might call Sirota a fraud."
  • Perhaps concerned that he wasn't making his real feelings clear, Sirota added that Gerstein is a "classic, haughty, self-important, professional election loser." And the fight only got uglier from there, as the operatives lobbed charges at each other ranging from "rank hypocrisy" to being "an unabashed liar."


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