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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Does the Hill Need Another Newspaper?

Oy vey. Maybe I've missed them, but I haven't heard anyone around town say they would just love it if someone created yet another publication to cover the Hill. As reported in the Wash Post today, the new Capitol Leader will soon be joining the ranks of the Roll Call, The Hill, CongressDaily, CQ, and National Journal. So who stands to win and lose?

  • Capitol Leader Ad Sales staff, who have figured out that the not-so-secret fact that corporations are willing to dole out huge amounts of $$ for issue advocacy ads in publications that are guaranteed to reach a congressional audience. The DC ad market is apparently big enough to support all the existing publications, so it apparently must be able to accomodate another player.

  • Obscure MoCs. Before The Hill was around, and Roll Call was just publishing twice a week, it used to be that a Member of Congress had to be pretty newsy in order to get ink. With both pubs, and now Capitol Leader, coming out 4 times a week, the news bar will get much lower. I can see the Leader front page headline now: "Resident Commissioner Fortuno Makes Waves on Fisheries and Oceans Subcommittee" Zzzz...
  • Hill Press Secretaries: Yet another publication they'll have to scan every morning, searching for references to the boss.

  • Roll Call and The Hill. The Leader has already poached ex-The Hill staffers Martin Tolchin and Frank Meyers. FishBowlDC reports that they've already tried to hire NYT'er Carl Hulse, who declined. Tolchin says more poaching is on the Way. One has to assume that the editors of those two pubs are this morning making sure that their prized reporters are feeling very loved.


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